Adding a building

  1. To add a building, go to the "My properties" page in Occupy
  2. Click the "new" button in the top right-hand corner
  3. You will then need to enter the building name, building address and currency used for that building, then click "Next"
  4. Enter a building description and add the amenities and services provided at the property
  5. Next, you'll need to add some photos to the building and click next
  6. Review all the details and click "Add building"
  7. You will now be able to see the building you have just created on your "My properties" page. Click the building to make further edits
  8. From your building's page in Occupy, you will be able to make further edits to your description, photos and amenities and add your room types
  9. Once that's done, you will need to email us at to publish your building